A Review of National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Series Toys

By Reviewed by Sharon Rosenthal, June 24, 2012
National Geographic and Uncle Milton Industries, located locally in Westlake Village, have joined forces to create an exciting new line of outdoor explorer-themed toys and activities geared to children ages five and up, that kids can use on hikes and on their summer adventures.

The new National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Series features nine items, three of which the company sent me this Spring to check out. Each toy comes with its own activity guide containing recommendations for the young explorer on how to use the product out in the field.

These are the three items I was sent:
  • 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool($12.99)
  • Earth Tag($14.99)
  • Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker ($19.99)

The kids absolute favorite was the Echo Maker. Even my one-year old loved talking into it and hearing the echo. The older kids loved it because it makes very cool echo noises plus it is also a searchlight. They have taken it on vacations and gone out exploring with it. It really is a super fun toy for the park, hikes and just about anywhere, even going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Earth Tag is really a safe and fun sling shot. What kid does not think sling shots are not fun??? But what makes this sling shot even funner is that it is fun, but not painful. It comes with three very soft foam earth balls for the kids to shoot with. The balls attach to the sling shot with stretchy cloth covered elastic. My kids had a great time taking aim and using this sling shot. They try and make their blocks crash or shoot it off in the park and its a lot of fun but its also safe and if they hit a person or pet, it is not painful.

The last item we checked out is the 4-in-1 Navigational Tool, which is a fancy name for a compass, with some really cool additions to the basic compass. It includes: compass, thermometer, signal mirror, and whistle.

The girls have yet to take it on a hike but they are very excited to test it on a hike. Meawhile they have been playing explorer with it in our backyard and have found it to be a lot of fun in their search for buried treasure.

I totally love these toys, as do my kids age 4 and 7. They are fun, safe and the kids love them. They get them outside, exploring and having a great time while they enjoy the summer months. They are fun for camping trips or just hikes or park days.

Disclaimer: Thse toys were provided to Macaroni Kid  for the purpose of this review. The opinions stated are 100% my own and I as not compensated for this review.