Check Out The NEW In My Room Toy From Uncle Milton

By Sharon Rosenthal, July 29, 2012

Imagine seeing an awe-inspiring view of Earth from space in your child's bedroom. Uncle Milton located in Ventura County makes a very cool line of toys called "In My Room" and this week they sent me an "Earth in My Room" toy to check out with the kids.

Your kids will love this fun toy as they experience the view of Earth's city lights from space without ever leaving their bedroom. The Earth in My Room toy does need batteries, 4 AA batteries and 2AAA and they are not included.

My kids age 4 and 6 are in love with this toy. It is hung in their room and the biggest probelm is which kid gets to handle the remote. Even though this toy is recommended for age 6 and up all my kids loved it, even my one year old. The toy looks just like an earth and is hung on the wall. The kids then can choose to run it manually, where it lights up across the earth over and over again - over a 30 minute period or they can push a button and it will light up every time they push a button on the remote.

The kids love it. They wait til it starts getting dark and they really have a blast watching it light up across North America. It really is a fun new feature in their room, that gets high marks with the kids and this Macaroni mom.


  • Authentically detailed Earthscape
  • Automatic or manual function with remote control
  • Auto shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Easily hangs on wall

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Disclaimer: Uncle Milton Toys provided Macaroni Kid Camarillo-Oxnard-Ventura with a complimentary Earth in My Room for the purposes of this review. The opinion stated in this article is 100% my own.