Uncle Milton & Nat Geo WILD Use Animals To Make Some Fun Puzzles and Games For Kids 4+

By Sharon Rosenthal, August 12, 2012
Nat Geo Wild and Uncle Milton Industries, have asked me to review some of their very fun puzzles and games intended for kids age 4 and older. This new line of games and puzzles use pictures of National Geographic animals in the wild to help make these old game favorites seem new and very different.

The first item we checked out was a 150 Piece Puzzle that comes in a foil tin that makes an extremely beautiful picture of a shark searching the ocean floor. While the box says it is for kids age 5 and up. I really think this puzzle is more suited to kids in 1st grade and older. 

I found the puzzle fun and challenging and the kids had a wonderful time trying to get the pieces to fit and make a pretty picture of a shark in the ocean. I loved the foil tin, because the kids smash those cardboard boxes and this tin container is very durable. In addition we loved the facts about sharks on the back of the tin container.

We then had a lot of fun playing the Nat Geo Wild Memory Matching Game. This game is for kids age 4 and up and uses cute baby animals to make this memory game fun. We loved how adorable the baby animals are. We had a lot of fun trying to match the various baby animals up till they were all gone. The tiles also are nice and durable as they are extra thick.

The last game we played was the Nat Geo Wild Wild Card Games. These card games are fun and intended for kids age 5 and older and we had a lot of fun playing with them. Again I loved how they are in a tin box, rather than in a cardboard box.

The games inside feature:
  • Crazy Apes (Crazy Eights)
  • Go Divin' (Go Fish)
  • Old Ellie (Old Maid)
  • King of the Jungle (War)
While we have played all these games before we really had fun and enjoyed playing these card games because the cards are GIANT sized. In addition we loved the game names and playing them with animals instead of numbers. This also made it easier for my youngest to play.

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Disclaimer: These toys were provided to Macaroni Kid  for the purpose of this review. The opinions stated are 100% my own and I was not compensated for this review.