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My Kid's Dentist in Camarillo Offer's $99 NEW Patient Special

By Sponsored Advertising Content February 2, 2020

Macaroni Kid sponsor, My Kid's Dentist & Orthodontics in Camarillo makes getting a checkup for your child's teeth easy and fun and now is the perfect time to get the $99 New Patient Special***.

My Kid’s Dentist and Orthodontics is a family-friendly pediatric dental office in Camarillo, near Oxnard in Ventura County.  We offer pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services for families in or near Ventura County.  Our team of caring pediatric dentists and specialists take the time to listen and answer questions, while showing compassion and explaining each step in kid-friendly terms to help everyone feel as comfortable as possible. 

The staff and dentists at My Kid’s Dentist and Orthodontics welcome your child with a warm and cheerful environment filled with toys and games to help put them at ease before dental visits.  We want to make coming to our office as convenient as possible for you and your family.  

We are located next to Camarillo Dental Group and Orthodontics which means the entire family’s dental needs can be met at a single location. Whether it’s your child’s first dental exam, orthodontic consults and braces, a dental cleaning, filling, or other dental procedure, our caring dental team is committed to understanding and meeting your child’s needs as a dental patient.  

Our goal is to be the best and top choice pediatric dentist in Camarillo! We want you and your kids to love coming to the dentist and we are committed to creating an exceptional patient experience in our dental office. Dr. Mark Ortega is our practicing pediatric dentist. His motto about caring for pediatric patients is to treat them as if they are his family members. He provides treatment with the utmost care, quality, and integrity, and above all, with a loving heart. 

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Amir Assefnia specializes in phase 1/interceptive orthodontics, phase 2 orthodontic treatments, expanders, retainers, and more. Dr. Amir’s goal as an orthodontist is to transform the esthetics and function of the mouth and jaw, and he strives to make all of his patients feel comfortable. Our office offers complimentary orthodontic consultations and second opinions on orthodontic cases. Dr. Amir feels it is extremely rewarding to observe the transformation of appearance, and consequential increase in self-confidence, with each and every completed orthodontics case.

My Kid’s Dentist and Orthodontics provides children’s dental treatments from infancy through late adolescence.  We also are proud to provide dentistry for children with special needs. 

We accept most PPO plans, HMO plans as well as options for flexible payments.  Our dental team is devoted to serving the oral health needs of families in Ventura County. 

Like many aspects of parenting, teaching kids to brush and floss requires a savvy balance between supervision and independence. Here are some guidelines for brushing and flossing at every age and stage.

Preventive care begins even before babies have teeth. Those 20 adorable baby teeth do fall out, but baby teeth need to remain healthy and cavity-free as long as possible to allow for proper nutrition and speech development. 
  • After feedings, rub gums with a wet facecloth even before teething starts. This will help your baby get used to having his or her mouth cleaned.
  • Once teething begins, use a very soft-bristled toothbrush with water and massage the tooth and gums. 


When children have several teeth, brushing becomes even more important. 
  • Supervise brushing in the morning and at night, or brush for them, with non-fluoridated toothpaste. Switch to a fluoride toothpaste as soon as your kids can spit.
  • Let an electric toothbrush do the work for them. Electric brushes remove much more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Find one that is rechargeable and geared towards kids.
  • Start flossing once teeth make contact with their neighbors. Floss picks make flossing quick and easy.
  • Serve apple slices and baby carrots, which act as sneaky natural brushes to remove snacks that get stuck in “groovy” molars. 
  • Limit sugar as much as possible. Sugar is added to just about every pre-packaged food, so read those nutritional labels!

Kids Ages 5+
Now’s the time to encourage kids to take more responsibility for their own brushing and flossing.
  • Take turns brushing. Let your child brush in the morning, and then take over brushing duties at night.
  • Brush with an electric toothbrush using toothpaste with fluoride and continue to floss. Flossing isn’t always easy – especially for kids with braces - but it prevents decay and the formation of white spots caused by plaque.
  • Teach kids how to read nutritional labels and count the grams of sugar in their snacks to empower them to make healthier choices.

Got a Squirrely One?

Settling down to brush is harder for some kids than others. Here are a few simple tricks for fewer tears.
  • Let your child pick out their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste (as long as it’s age appropriate).
  • Instead of using a timer for brushing, have your child pick out a favorite song and have them brush until it’s over.
  • Brush earlier in the evening when snacks are finished instead of right before bed. Children are more awake and tend to do a better job.
  • Use sticker or reward charts – perfect for younger kids learning to brush on their own.

The office in Camarillo is located at 2370-D East Las Posas Road in Camarillo. One of the time savings features of this office is that you can make your child's appointment ONLINE  . 

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 *My Kid's Dentist is a Macaroni Kid sponsor and this is a sponsored post.*

****Regular value of at least $290. In absence of gum (periodontal) disease. New patients only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon must be presented at appointment. Limit 1 per patient. Subject to insurance restrictions; cannot be applied to insurance co-payments. Not valid for appointments with pediatric dentist.