Macaroni Kid Reviews: Eustachi, The Eustachian Tube Exerciser

Get Rid of That Clogged Ear Feeling Naturally #EustachiMK

By Sponsored Advertising Content May 7, 2017

Have you ever had clogged up ears? Maybe your ears pop when you fly or go up into the mountains? If any of these are issues that sound familiar for yourself, your spouse or even you kids, then you need to check out the Eustachi, an ear Eustachian Tube exerciser found at our local Target.

So what is the Eustachi? The Eustachi helps you exercise your Eustachian tubes, as you swallow, using a little air delivered through your nose. Cool right? Macaroni Kid got to check out this product at the Target in Camarillo and we love how this is the first time we have heard that there is a way to condition or excercise the Eustachian tube system. 

Included in your Eustachi is, an instructional book on how to use and  the actual Eustachi which includes batteries inside and a plastic zippered bag so you can keep it sealed inside when not in use.

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So how does it work? Well it has several precautions. Do not use when you have an ear infection or upper respiratory infection, nor when you are feeling congested or your nose feels stuffed up, or if you get bloody noses. To use it you will need to block your nose and then swallow while using it. 

Step 1: Insert the Eustachi into one nostril, plugging it up

Step 2: Open mouth, to breath out of

Step 3:  Use your other hand and fingers to close up the second nostril or pinch it closed so there is an airtight seal

Step 4: Push the on button while closing your mouth

Step 5: Wait 2 seconds and swallow

Step 6: Turn off power button

Here is a demonstration by Harold who has frequent ear cloggings:

And it is not just for adults, kids can use it too as long as they can swallow. I had my 9 year old try it out. She tends to get popping ears on long car rides so she was a little nervous trying it out.

So why does it work? When you pinch your nose and blow, you aren't yawing or swallowing, so your Eustachian tubes aren't naturally opening. The Eustachi works WITH your body as you swallow. When you are swallowing the tubes are naturally opening. The air from Eustachi helps complete the exercise when swallowing isn't enough. And the Eustachi is so easy to use on others - all they need to do is swallow, which can be accomplished by holding a sip of water in the mouth.

Eustachi is a simple handheld device that quickly unclogs the ear's Eustachian tubes. It's drug-free, safe for children and adults, and uses only air. It's a helpful product for anyone, but those who travel in airplanes, or are prone to ear problems may particularly appreciate how it quickly unclogs ears using just a little air. 

Macaroni Kid received a complimentary Eustachi and compensation  in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by our sponsor, Eustachi and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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Find it at your local TARGET HERE and check to make sure that it is in your local store

Here it is at the Camarillo Target:

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