SUMMER CAMP GUIDE 2020: Camarillo Creative Arts Workshop Summer Fun

Exploring, Discovering & Experiencing Yourself in the Universe / Summer Session July 6 – 24, 2020

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UPDATED: May 3, 2020

Thank you for your interest in this year’s: Creative Arts Workshop. As many of you know, we have had to make many changes during these last weeks…here are some special details to know:

FREE CLASSES: The few classes that are “free, instruction / materials only” may be shared as far reaching as you wish. We encourage you to enjoy tweaking the ideas to create your own, new twists—and letting us know more great ways we can add to our recipe list. Please note: Adult supervision and assistance will be needed for projects.

KITS: The “kits” are designed with instructions and materials for one student. Please know that you may purchase as many kits as you wish this year—you are not restricted to only 4 classes / kits, as a normal 3-hour class session would take place. Please note: Adult supervision and assistance will be needed for projects.

MAGIC CLASS: Also designed for one student, but limited with space, is the “Magical Mystery Tour” class. The kit is designed for one student—and the class is limited to only 40 students. This class also is going to be an online / internet class, which means by signing up for it we ask that a parent be present in the room during the presentation for the sake of internet permission…but not listening to the trick for the sake of surprise!


We hope that everyone will enjoy this year’s format with respect to current environmental situations. As much as we would love to all be together, we appreciate that you are taking advantage of this service to enjoy some outreach activities and fun with the family.

Fondly, Karen Allen and The C A W Staff

** Further questions many be sent to: Karen Allen…

INCREDIBLE EDIBLES: Into the kitchen we go! Get set to make some delicious treats for yourself…and maybe even the rest of the family will want some once they see how yummy your recipes turn out.  Recipes will need Adultsupervision…although foods will be enjoyed by all ages.  Free  Register for this class; 

  • Copies ready to pick up on July 3rd

OUTDOOR GAMES TO MAKE: Open the door and head on outside for some fun in the sun! Here are many activities for you and your family and friends to enjoy playing. Your will have fun gathering materials around the house to make these games that your will enjoy for the days ahead!  These activities are designed for grades 3 – 8. Adult assistance will be needed for these activities.  Free  Register for this class; 

  • Copies ready to pick up on July 3rd

STRETCH YOUR MIND: Wait, wait!! I can solve this!! Yes…you can enjoy solving all kinds of puzzles, mind games and riddles each day—you don’t want to overload your brain and do them all in one day!! The list includes brain teasers, riddles, Sudoku, math puzzles, and more.  Puzzles are varied: can be enjoyed for grades 1 – 8.   Free  Register for this class; 

  • Copies ready to pick up on July 3rd

INDOOR GAMES TO MAKE: Time to enjoy playing games with family, friends…or even by yourself. First, you will need to make the games. Included in your kit will be instructions on “how to make” the game and “how to play” the game. Pop some popcorn and start playing!! An Adult will need to assist making these games for the younger grades. Older students may be able to create them on their own.  

  • Fee: $8 for kit with activity instructions and materials / One kit per family is suggested **

KINDER: Ready for TK or Kinder? Let’s start with some summer fun! Your kit will include: crafts (materials included for 7 projects), music fun (5 musical items included), and games (5 fun activities for play) to keep you busy for the days ahead. Activities will need an older child or Adult for assistance.   

  • Fee: $12 for kit with activity instructions and materials for one student **

CLAY PLAY: Ready for some ooey, gooey fun? Well, clear the area and make room for the sticky mess…here come the recipes that are sure to keep you busy mixing, rolling, creating and having lots of fun for hours: quite a fun list of “clay” type recipes.  An Adult will need to assist younger children. Older children will be able to create and mix on their own; however, it will need an area for the messy play fun!  Free   Register for this class; 

  • Copies ready to pick up on July 3rd  – or – pay $10 for the recipes and ingredients for one student

kidSTREAM: Open your scientific mind to the planets, to space, and the solar system. The kit will include activities about the solar system, the constellations, the moon, and Mars. Included, you will have a challenge for your adventure on Mars—which will lead into an upcoming Mars adventure at kidSTREAM. Your kit has 9 activities to keep you exploring, investigating, and exploring the world of science. Kits are designed for grades 1 – 4. Adult assistance and supervision is recommended.  

  • Fee: $10 for kit with activity instructions and materials for one student

MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: Join the magical fun for the week of July 13 – 17. Shawn McMaster (who performs throughout the world, author of several books and articles) will be thrilling his students with a virtual class of lessons each day for 15-minute lessons. Each student will receive a “kit” with the information and tricks that Shawn will be teaching during that week. ** Enrollment is limited ** An email must be given so that Shawn can contact each student (parent) to let them know their daily, virtual lesson time. 40 student limit: Grades 3 – 8   

  • Fee: $10 for kit with instructions, tricks and 5 days of virtual training for one student with Shawn McMaster

CREATIVE PUPPETRY: Time for creativity, fun and exploring the world of characters through puppets with Jana Austinson (teacher, actress, and musician). You will receive a “kit” with materials to make a variety of puppets to entertain your family and friends for many hours. Adult assistance is recommended, especially for the younger students. Designed for Grades 1 – 8   

  • Fee: $10 for kit with materials and instructions for making your puppets for one student

HOGWARTS - Hogwarts at Home: Make a wand, learn a charm or two, and try your hand at potions. The Wizarding world awaits! Designed for all grades. Adult assistance is recommended, especially for the younger students.

  • Fee: $10 for kit with activity and materials for one student

JEDI KNIGHTS - Jedi Knights at Home: Build a lightsaber, make crafts, and hone your Jedi skills. Can you become a Jedi master? Adultassistance is recommended, especially for younger students.  Designed for grades 1 – 8

  • Fee: $10 for kit with activity and materials for one student


Pick-up day will be Friday, July 3, 2020, from 9:00 to 12:00 

at kidSTREAM Children’s Museum @  3100 E. Ponderosa Drive, Camarillo 93010.

Simply drive up, give us your name, and we will deliver your kits to you. **

Thank you for your continuing support of Creative Arts Workshop, sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Camarillo Branch. We are proud to continue to serve the children of the community for this, our 51styear!

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and healthy summer!


The C A W Staff


I: May 16 – June 13—pick up at kidSTREAM on July 3rd

II: June 14 – June 27—will be contacted for pick up or delivery; expect mid-July date

June 28: Registration closed


Please include when registering:

Parent’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________



From July 6th - July 24th join Creative Arts Workshop, put on by AAUW, Camarillo Branch as they entertain your kids from Kindergarten thru 8th grade this summer in fun and diverse workshops. 

Workshops are  Monday thru Friday from 9am to noon at Rancho Rosal School at 3535 Village at the Park, Camarillo. This summer Creative Arts Workshops theme is "CELEBRATING OUR NEXT 50 YEARS OF SUMMER FUN."

About the Creative Arts Workshop

The Creative Arts Workshop (CAW) is a non-profit community service program sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Camarillo Branch. The CAW offers a variety of workshopss conducted by outstanding professionals/teachers in each area. Children will discover their unknown talents and expand their creative expression through challenging and exciting experiences. 

Workshop selections are offered for children who will be entering Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth grade in the next fall school year. (Some workshops are available for adults too!) Students may enroll in one or more workshops, with a limit of 4 workshops per individual.

OPEN HOUSE: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm. Students and families visit the classrooms and enjoy student work, music, and magic.

Registration Details For Workshops

Tips When Registering:

  • Register for the correct grade level and class period for your child
  • Check out the number of students for that class—if the class you want is full, please email: to be on a “waiting list. Still sign up for another class that period in case the “wait list” spot does not open up
  • Make sure and pay for any additional Lab Fees included for that class

Fees For Workshops:

  • $35 per 45 Minute Workshop
  • $70 per Double Workshop (1 1/2 hour in length)
  • Lab fees (please see individual workshop listings for variance)
  • In order to enroll, all fees and charges must be paid to “Creative Arts Workshop” at the time of registration; please note that fees are non-refundable.

Teaching Assistants:

Open to any middle school (7th / 8th grade) /high school / college student who wants to help out or needs volunteer hours and wants a hands-on experience with teaching.

SUMMER 2020 


NEW Kindergartners

kidSTREAM/LEGO/Robotics Workshops

Create Something Workshops

Magic/Jedi/Wizard/Hogwarts Workshops

Mandarin Chinese, Games
 and Stretch Your Mind Workshops



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