Things to Do When You Are RAINED In and Other Local Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Fun in Southern California

By Christine Delgado September 8, 2022

We've had a great run of sunny, warm falls days in Ventura County lately. But according to the upcoming forecast it seems our luck is running out this weekend. So here are some fun indoor, easy activities to keep your little ones busy.

Here are some fun things we like to do when we can't go outside.

1.READ - Rain days are a great chance to snuggle up and read together or independently. According to a Common Sense Media report published in 2014 "parents can encourage reading by keeping print books in the home, reading themselves, and setting aside time daily for their children to read." So, grab a book and take a little time to do something just for you - turns out you are helping your kids by doing it! 

Attend an Event at Your Local Library - Be sure and check out our local libraries: 




2.Teach Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes - seems silly, but you can do it in less than a minute with one simple trick that we shared HERE .

3.Have a Dance Party - turn on your favorite music, get moving and make up for the gym workout you missed because of the snow. Plus, you'll have a blast with your kids doing it!

4.Make Modeling Dough - there are a ton of different recipes for making your own dough, here is a Playdough recipe to make at home

5.Make Slime - feeling really adventurous? Take it up a notch from dough to slime!  Fluffy Slime Recipe

6.Clean Out Your Clothes - while this one isn't a ton of fun, if your dressers and drawers are bulging at the seams, snow days are a great time to sort out clothes that no longer fit or aren't being worn anymore. 

7.Play Board Games - rainy days are a great chance to play board games, especially ones that take a little more time or have complicated directions you haven't had the chance to read yet. 

Most of these are NOT FREE! but they are places you can take the kids and get out of the house but are also indoors and lots of fun! 

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8. Indoor Mall Play Areas

9. Indoor Playgrounds

10. Retail Stores

11. Games

12. Open Play at Kids Gyms

13. Jump/Trampoline Parks

14. Skating

15. Bowling

16.Art Studios