Macaroni Kid Crafts - DIY Candles For Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa

Make This Your NEW Family Tradition For the Holidays

By Ellen DeFrancesco, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Long Beach-Oceanside-Rockville Centre, NY December 15, 2019

The holidays are almost here and here is a great way for you to start a new family tradition no matter what holiday you celebrate whether it is Hanukkah on Sunday, December 22  to Monday, December 30, Christmas on December 24-25 or Kwanzaa on December 26 to January 1.

This year we've added a new holiday tradition to our house that I love. Instead of store-bought candles, we decided to make our own. We buy a special candle-making kit, which means there is no muss, no fuss and -- best of all -- no big clean up. This craft is so easy and fun for all ages -- and a great new tradition for our family that your family can try too!

What you need:

TIP: For Hanukkah which lasts 8 nights you'll need enough to make 44 candles as the candles are burned down each night of Hanukkah and replaced with new the next day. 


STEP 1: Put parchment paper down on the table to keep from getting wax on the surface.

STEP 2: Place a string (the wick) the length of the beeswax on one end of the beeswax candle. 

STEP 3: Press the string down gently and then roll the beeswax as tight as you can. 

STEP4: Once rolled, place on the table and roll it back and forth a few times to create a circular shape to fit into the menorah holes.

TIP: To keep candles from tipping inside the menorah or other candle holder, when you light the candle burn the bottom part and let a few drops of wax fall into the hole. Then place the candle in the hole. Or you can also line the menorah or candle holders holes with foil, which keeps candles in place and also helps in easy cleanup.

Ellen DeFrancesco is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Long Beach-Oceanside-Rockville Centre, N.Y.